Jemma Gray, PR Consultant.

Jemma has worked in PR since 2016, with a strong focus on architecture, design, and the arts. She holds an MA in Narrative Environments, Spatial Practices from Central Saint Martins and before diving into the realm of PR, she had a background in fashion and the arts, working with magazines and national news media outlets, including The Guardian. Later, she transitioned to a well-regarded PR agency in London, specialising in architecture, design, and culture.

After her agency experience, she took on the role of Communications Manager for an architecture practice. In 2019, she ventured into the world of freelance consulting, representing designers and architects.

In 2022, Jemma re-joined the agency life, becoming part of Tomorrow PR’s team. During her time there, she has been involved in managing accounts for various notable clients, including Danish green-tech brand Mater, Danish design brand Garde Hvalsøe, Japanese contemporary furniture manufacturer Stellar Works, and interdisciplinary architecture and design firm Rockwell Group. Jemma’s extensive background and practical expertise make her a solid asset to Tomorrow, where she consistently delivers effective results for her clients.