PUNKT. Punkt. was founded by Petter Neby with a passion for design and simplicity. In 2008, Punkt. It is based on a passion for design and simplicity and is based in Switzerland. Punkt. works with the industrial designer Jasper Morrison and leading engineering firms.

Punkt. Smart phone, technology, Swiss brand, design

The Punkt. brand began with the launch of its debut product, the DP 01 cordless phone by Jasper Morrison, in January 2011 and its latest product, the MP 01 mobile phone. Inspired by the company’s belief in creating high-quality products that simplify modern life, the MP 01 is a streamlined device that performs the core mobile phone functions: calling and text messaging. As smartphone devices are becoming increasingly complicated, Punkt. aims to rebalance the relationship we have with technology. Tomorrow launched the MP 01 in 2015; following this, they worked with the brand on the international launch of a new range of colours for the MP 01 during the London Design Festival in September.

Photography courtesy of Punkt