ISOKON PLUS. Isokon was founded in 1931 by Jack Pritchard, a visionary modernist design leader renowned for the Lawn Road Flats, a key London housing development known today as the Isokon Building. Now named Isokon Plus – a cue to the company’s collaborative mindset, the company is now run by the team behind Very Good & Proper.

Isokon Plus Shell Chair

Isokon Plus manufactures original modernist designs and contemporary products by leading designers and architects using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the tools of modern making. Marcel Breuer’s Long Chair (1936) and Egon Riss’s Penguin Donkey (1939) are among some of the brand’s most iconic productions. Under Chris McCourt’s leadership, the newly named Isokon Plus started producing modern designs, reigniting Isokon’s original raison d’etre by working with a new generation of designers.

Isokon Plus designs are handcrafted in London using the finest materials in small batches and are built to last the test of time. Now based in Walthamstow as part of the Very Good & Proper family, Isokon Plus continues to provide a platform for great British furniture design bolstered by superior manufacturing.

Photography courtesy of Isokon Plus