DANIEL SCHOFIELD.  An award-winning British furniture and product designer, Daniel Schofield, hails from the Midlands and is now based in Copenhagen. Daniel takes a reductive approach to materials, form and function. His designs are distilled to create useful, timeless products that remove superfluous elements and celebrate honest design.

Daniel Schofield Design Table Furniture

Daniel’s design ethos is centred around the fusion of graphics, construction, and design. All three areas have informed his visual language and creative direction. He is considered one of the UK’s most promising design talents, having collaborated with a selection of British and world-leading brands and manufacturers, including Conran, Benchmark, Decode, and Woud.

Daniel has also worked with Ercol, Hayche, Deadgood, Very Good & Proper, and Please Wait to be Seated on collaborations. He has received several awards, including Elle Decoration’s British Design Award, a New Design Britain Award, and the World Interior News winner for Furniture Design.

Photography by Oskar Proctor