BRDR. KRÜGER. Founded in 1886 by two brothers, Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger, Brdr. Krüger started as a woodturning workshop and today a self-producing design company with a strong passion for wood.


Brdr. Krüger ARV Chair Wood Danish Denmark Minimal

Brdr. Krüger is a family-owned workshop in Denmark that has been committed to quality and craftsmanship for five generations. Every piece that leaves their workshop is of high quality, thanks to their dedication to developing furniture pieces that celebrate the classic Danish design values while bringing a new turn on tradition.

Their design DNA is inspired by the mid-century Danish Modern movement, which has been reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. Brdr. Krüger combines classic woodturning skills with modern manufacturing technology to bring new products to life, working in close collaboration with designers and architects. These external partners contribute their knowledge, passion, and aesthetics to Brdr. Krüger’s woodworking skills, from renowned design studios and highly respected architects to young talents.

Tomorrow is working with Brdr. Krüger on an international PR strategy that will see the launch of a new Copenhagen showroom and several new products, including the Arve collection, designed by David Thulstrup for the new Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Photography by Joachim Wichmann