BLACKSHEEP.  A design studio specialising in food and beverage, delivering a complete guest experience through a multidisciplinary approach to design.

a round table with a circular object with lights at the Glenlivet Distillery Experience designed by Black Sheep

The clue to Blacksheep’s unique character is found in its name. Since its establishment by Tim Mutton in 2002, the studio has always been something of a renegade, producing creative individuality through close, long-term partnerships with its clients. What unifies Blacksheep’s portfolio is a sense of confidence that makes its projects stand out, like a black sheep.

Blacksheep has a unique way of positively transforming businesses from within. While the name may suggest that the studio is all about standing out, what makes it truly different is its ability to get under the skin of its clients and demonstrate a total understanding of their identity and qualities. This is the first crucial stage in its four-part working process: delve, dream, draw and deliver. Tomorrow collaborated with Blacksheep on an international strategy to promote a number of new projects in Seoul, Amman, and Kazakhstan.

Photography by John Paul