ASTEP. Founded by Alessandro Sarfatti, the grandson of legendary lighting designer Gino Sarfatti and the son of Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi – who with Paolo Rizzatto founded Luceplan –  Astep brings to the domestic landscape, the experience, knowledge and the future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured by the Sarfatti family for three generations, and bridges it with the latest developments in digital technologies.

Living room setting with pendant light designed by Astep hanging over a round black table and two dining chairs. There is a speckled vase and turquoise bowl on the table

The name Astep indicates the necessary motion of a never-ending journey – the journey of evolution. It points to a natural but essential move towards creating something better, more substantial, and more worthwhile.

Astep represents an admiration for timeless inventions: objects that – regardless of when they were designed or made – retain their edge, their capacity to affect our lives, advancing the manner in which we live. Last year, Astep launched its first lighting collection, including Candela by Francisco Gomez Paz. Their debut at Euroluce Astep will showcase a new light by Alfredo Häberli and a new sculptural wall light addition to the VV Cinquanta Collection by Vittoriano Viganò. Tomorrow worked with Astep on an international press strategy in the run-up to Euroluce in April 2017.

Photography courtesy of Astep