The World of Rick Owens at Selfridges

A monumental sculpture of a man’s torso mounted above the main door of Selfridges announces the store’s latest pop up. Welcome to the world of the dark Lord of fashion: Rick Owens. This temporary space on the ground floor opened this week and can best be described as a journey round Owens’ mind. It is filled with an array of objects from “tomb benches,” carved from French elm and adorned with huge wing-like antlers designed by Owens himself, to very desirable metal tableware and art nouveau ceramics by Georges Hoentschel. Elsewhere is a table of books including an oversized Rizzoli monograph on Owens and Diptyque’s Myrrhe scented candles (the designer’s favourite.) There is an exclusive capsule collection with a special label in Selfridges signature Pantone yellow and three Selfridges windows have been given over to Owens to stage his homage to Oscar Wilde’s and Richard Strauss’ Salomé. The whole experience is beautiful yet unsettling, making for a perfect fashion moment.

Selfridges Until end of October