Camille Walala x Play

Walala x Play at The Now Gallery

The playful work of Camille Walala is hard to miss: from canal barges in East London to buildings in Melbourne, NYC and Buenos Aires, collaborations with Caterpillar and Emporio Armani, and even Easter Eggs for Harrods, Walala’s bright and geometric style is proof that the 1980’s Memphis style is back with a bang. We were invited to the launch of Walala x Play, the London-based graphic artist’s latest venture in spatial design, at the NOW Gallery: an interactive maze of mirrors, zigzag paths, geometric shapes and bold colours that explores the perception of human scale and screams playtime. The spatial design of the installation makes reference to the gallery and the way it sits on the Greenwich Peninsula. Visitors are encouraged to leave their shoes at the door and explore the maze, inviting them to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images. Two ‘Walalafied’ ping-pong tables and bats are also available for visitors to play and get further involved in Walala’s tribal-pop style which draws inspiration from African tribes, Bauhaus, De Stijl, Pop and without a doubt, Memphis design.

Walala x Play at the NOW Gallery is free to visit and open from 14th July to 24th September.