Punkt. MP-01

The Launch of the MP-01 by Punkt.

Tomorrow worked with the Swiss consumer technology brand Punkt. to launch their first ever mobile phone, the MP 01. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the MP 01 is a considered break today’s ubiquitous smart phone culture and goes back to basics offering only what is essential in communication – calling and text messaging. Tomorrow placed a series of advance feature stories on the phone in publications including Wallpaper*, Icon, Blueprint, Disegno, Cool Hunting and Esquire. A special think piece on digital detox by design writer Henrietta Thompson was also commissioned. Presented in a specially curated space, the MP 01 officially launched as part of the London Design Festival’s ‘Ten Designers in the West Wing’ exhibition at Somerset House. Through a series of in person interviews with Morrison and Punkt.’s Petter Neby, additional coverage was secured in The Guardian, CNN, Dezeen and Designboom, all ahead of the phone’s retail launch in November 2015.