IKEA House Party

The IKEA Houseparty

Last week Swedish brand IKEA celebrated its 30th anniversary by taking over the 19 Greek Street Townhouse in Soho and creating an immersive experience that time-warped guests into the 80s, 90s, Noughties and the future: the IKEA House Party. During the day, the IKEA house was open for visitors to lounge amongst their most iconic pieces of furniture such as the KLIPPIN sofa, LACK table and BILLY bookcase, yet at night, the ultimate house party got going, with canapés, music and games.Naturally, all rooms were fully furnished and accessorised in IKEA pieces, with design details that complemented the look of each era. The 80’s room was filled with bright and colourful patterns, with Madonna and Lionel Ritchie records spinning as guests played Twister. Further up in the 90’s, Magnolia hues were dominating the space and people were found glued to their joysticks playing SuperMario Kart. The noughties room was minimalistic—sleek surfaces with finishes in plastic and chrome— and everyone was rolling up their sleeves to upcycle and hack the design classics. For a glimpse into the future, and on the upper floor, IKEA presented a scenario just 30 years from now, where fold-up beds, collapsible chairs, wireless charging furniture, motion-activated light panels and smart mirrors were the norm— all a bit too Black Mirror but surely it can’t take so long?

IKEA’s House Party was a great way to remember how Britain’s taste and dwellings have changed over the years —great for flashbacks and inspiration.