Boros- Bunker

Sammlung Boros

While on my annual birthday trip to Berlin, I couldn’t resist revisiting the Sammlung Boros. Also known as the Boros Bunker this former air raid shelter was built by the Nazis in 1943. It has been everything from a tropical fruit store (in the 1950s) to a illegal techno club (in the 1990s). In 2003 it was bought by Christian Boros to house his private collection of contemporary art. The 32,000 3,000 m2 space houses work by some of the world’s contemporary artists including Ai Weiwei and Wolfgang Tillmans. There is also a work by Banksy on the outside of the building. Visitors are only allowed in small groups, which adds to the space’s almost magical resonance. Christian Boros lives a-top the bunker in glass- walled penthouse designed by the German architects Jens Casper and Petra Petersson. Alas this is not open to the public! Sammlung Boros is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Berlin but make sure you book early as it notoriously hard to get a visitors pass.

Sammlung Boros Reinhardtstr 2010117, Berlin-Mitte