Prototypes and Experiments VIII

Last Thursday we went to the opening of the eighth edition of Prototypes and Experiments at The Aram Gallery, London. The exhibition offers a behind the scenes glimpse into a designers journey from idea to finished product. Architects and design studios exhibited sketches, models and tests to show the development and creative process that goes into each design. Rather than celebrating the end product, the aim of the show is to encourage reflection on the design process and the many forms and directions it can take. In addition to our client Pinch, participants included Aberrant Architecture, Carl Turner Architects, Carlos Ortega, Carmody Groarke, Custhom, Dafi Reis Doron, Daniel Schofield, Dean Brown, Felix de Pass, Jule Waibel, Mischer Traxler, Plaid, Postler Ferguson, Studio Vit, Studio Weave and Tomoko Azumi.

Prototypes and Experiments VIII. Until 16 January 2016.