Museo Picasso Málaga

Pablo Picasso New Collection: Museo Picasso Málaga

 This week on a visit to Malaga, I had the pleasure of viewing Pablo Picasso. New Collection at the Museo Picasso, moments away from the house in which he was born on Plaza de la Merced in the city’s old town. The rooms housing the permanent collection that charts the artist’s progress from the late-19th century until his death in 1973, were refreshed last month to create a more visitor-friendly and informative exhibition of works. Passing through the gallery, we were able to track the chronology of the artist’s work over a period of time, noting his versatility and the cyclical nature of his artistic explorations.  The exhibition includes many sculptures and oil paintings, including the iconic bronze, Head of a Bull (1942), made from the seat and handlebars of a bicycle. The collection comprises numerous works depicting Pablo Picasso’s mistress, Dora Maar (1907-1997), mostly as the crying woman including Bust of a Woman with Arms Crossed Behind her Head (1939) which is somewhat reminiscent of the crying mother in Guernica.

Pablo Picasso. New Collection. Open daily from 10am-7pm. General entry, €7