Raw Colour at the Aram Gallery

LDF 2016: Raw Color at the Aram Gallery

Being a colour enthusiast myself, I was very much looking forward to visiting the Aram Gallery during LDF, where Raw Color, the interdisciplinary design studio from Eindhoven, would showcase Blend, a compilation of installations and experiments revolving around their ongoing colour research. I found myself contemplating each installation for the longest time, getting lost in the sea of ever-changing hues that were on display and mesmerized by the delicate rays of summer sun that filled the vast room with tinted light. Chromatology, an interactive installation consisting mainly of six paper shredders, each feeding from a roll of coloured card and shredding only when detecting the nearby presence of a moving audience, kept me hypnotized as I saw strips of card turn confetti and build mountains of red, blue, green, purple, yellow and orange, colours gradually fusing into each other, resembling flower fields. Relating to Raw Color’s research on natural plant pigments for dyeing natural fibres as opposed to vegetable pigments, was Tinctorial Textiles, semi-translucent panels of dyed wool hanging overlapped, creating beautiful colour combinations with an intensity that would escalate or lessen as the light breeze made them sway. In Index Color, blankets and tea towels were crafted using three different shades and a weaving technique that sees them go from Monotone, through Duotone, to Multitone, resulting in an intensity pattern or ‘index’ from 10% to 100%. Furthermore, The Fans made a little choreograph to highlight the relationship between colour and motion, reminding me of the not-so-little choreographs that Cruz Diez’s murals do as you drive past them in the city of Caracas. All in all, a less popular exhibition from the bunch, but certainly one that won my heart.