Benchmark crafsmn at work at the Factory for LDF

LDF 15: The Factory

Two great British brands got together during the London Design Festival to present ‘Factory’, one of the most inspiring and uplifting exhibitions we saw during the week. Based at The HQ of the Future Laboratory in East London, Benchmark and 1882 Ltd showcased their mutual love of making, design and craftsmanship through live demonstrations and exhibitions. Traditional craft methods were illustrated in a workshop setting, showing the processes involved from raw material to finished piece. Benchmark worked with the brilliant Max Lamb on a new table called Plank, and 1882 Ltd launched new ceramic collections by Lindsey Adelman, Kiki van Aijk, and Deborah M Allen. We sat at the beautifully-formed new Plank table to eat a delicious lunch served from Lindsey Adelman’s exquisite Power Plant china. We left feeling revived and invigorated and ready to explore the rest of the festival.