image of Max Lamb's My Grandfather's Tree installation at Somerset House

LDF 15: Max Lamb – My Grandfather’s Tree

For me, the stand out show during the London Design Festival this year was Max Lamb’s exhibition, ‘My Grandfather’s Tree’, presented in the Embankment Galleries at Somerset House. The exhibition is a result of a seven year long project in which Max has worked to preserve and extend the life and legacy of his Grandfather’s ash tree on his farm in Yorkshire. When the tree started to rot in 2008, Lamb wanted to give the tree an afterlife and celebrate the inherent potential of the material within. The tree has been carefully cut into 130 pieces with the 187 annual growth rings clearly visible, allowing the tree to take on a new life in the form of a series of chairs, tables and stools. Each piece is numbered based on what part of the tree it came from. All are for sale, with prices ranging from £100 to £14,000 to reflect the volume of the material.