Jupiter Artland Cafe Party by Nicolas Party

Jupiter Artland

I took advantage of the recent bank holiday and paid a visit to Jupiter Artland, a private contemporary art museum set over 100 acres in the countryside on the outskirts of Edinburgh. In addition to the extraordinary array of permanent works by world-renowned artists such as Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Jim Lambie and Cornelia Parker, Jupiter Artland have just welcomed a new permanent artwork by esteemed Argentine artist, Pablo Bronstein.

Bronstein has unveiled his site-specific piece, The Rose Walk, an elaborate work comprised of two 10-metre pavilions of contrasting architecture – gothic and Chinoiserie style – connected by a 25-meter-long rose garden. The imposing two porticos frame the narrow promenade and act as entrances.

Also, new for 2017 is the immersive and fantastical dining experience designed by artist, Nicholas Party, to celebrate Jupiter Artland’s new café extension. Party was commissioned to transform the space and has created a surreal take on a Parisian bistro with faux malachite tabletops adorned with surreal faces comprised of fruits in the vein of 16th century painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo, and an expansive mural running through the whole cafe painted in a Hockney-esque palette.

There are so many notable works by internationally-esteemed and emerging artists on show at Jupiter Artland. German artist, Michael Sailstorfer has three provocative installations  which encourage the audience to experience sound and smell for initial interpretation before sight is engaged. 1:43-47 (2012), Brenner (2017) and Tranen (2015) have been designed to stir the senses, cause alarm and provoke empathy. Brenner makes you feel instantly uncomfortable as you are faced with a production line of three skeletal cars whose insides have been converted into vehicles of intense heat, fueled by the wood burning engines within. The emission of heat is overwhelming and the post-apocalyptic appearance of the shells are both stark and stirring. There is a message about society’s problem with waste, addiction to excess and greed and it is hard to not feel a bit guilty on behalf of humanity.

Jupiter Artland is open each year between May and October