Jeff Koons at the Newport St Gallery

Jeff Koons at the Newport Street Gallery

On my recent visit to Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery, nothing could’ve prepared me for what I was about to behold as I quickly walked past several Duchamp-esque artworks of Jeff Koons that included inflatable vinyl flowers, pristine hoovers, and floating basketballs.Jeff Koons’s first major UK exhibition since 2009, also incorporates several mind-bending artworks that have gained Koons the title of “one of the most extraordinary and renowned artists of the post-war era”: the seemingly weightless Balloon Monkey (Blue), a highly reflective, and obviously sexual, mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture that stands at a monumental scale of 6 meters tall; Play-Doh, the gigantic and eye-deceiving reproduction of a small lump of clay, cast in polychrome aluminum; and my ultimate favorites, Acrobat and Seal Walrus, the mind-warping inflatable pool toys that appear exactly like the real thing, but are in fact cast in aluminum, and not made of vinyl at all. All the artworks that are showcased in Now are drawn from Murder me, Damien Hirst’s private collection, and are based around pop culture, consumerism, everyday objects, and childhood memories. They are a glimpse into the extraordinary and playful career of Jeff Koons that has never failed to delight and provoke the audience. An opportunity not to be missed!

Newport Street Gallery Newport St,London SE11 6AJ