‘The Iris’ by Rebecca Louise Law at the NOW Gallery

At the weekend I visited the NOW Gallery to see ‘The Iris’ by Rebecca Louise Law, a London-based artist known for using flora as a sculptural material that slowly preserves over time. ‘The Iris’ is an installation, which embraces the idea of the past and present of the Peninsula where the NOW gallery sits, as the iris is a native wetland flower from the surrounding marshlands.From the ceiling of the gallery, Law has suspended ten thousand fresh blue, white, yellow and purple irises in a cascading garland entwined with copper wire. The irises are being left to dry naturally within the gallery space over time, giving visitors the opportunity to observe the process of preservation and Law’s exploration of ephemerality, engaging with the processes of life, death and decay.

The NOW Gallery, The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0SQ. Until 7 May