The Imagination Shop at Selfridges

Today I finally made it down to Selfridges to check out the Imagination Shop – a futuristic pop up shop curated by Dezeen as part of Selfridges month long Imagination Festival. Situated in the uber-luxury zone that is the Wonder Room, the Imagination Shop features an augmented reality version of Dezeen’s popular watch store alongside products grouped into Future Beauty, Future Life, and Wearable Technology. I loved the augmented reality Dezeen watch store and spent a good 10 minutes ‘trying on’ each design. The 3D printed objects and even clothing were also an exciting highlight of this really interesting shop.

The festival also features the Imaginarium – a modern mirrored Rem Koolhaas amphitheatre that plays host to a series of debates, lectures and interactive activities.

Festival of Imagination is at Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB