Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

While exploring the local neighbourhood around the new Tomorrow PR Office today, I came across what must be the most surreal shop in London – Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. At first I thought I had stumbled a gorgeous vintage shop piled high with heritage jams and chutneys but on closer inspection I realised the shelves were stocked with bottles filled with such astonishing things as Salt – Made from Tears of Laughter, Impacted Earwax, and a range of children’s tinned fear including Night Terrors and Creeping Dead.
The more I looked, the less things made sense. The beautifully merchandised shop was closed but a sign in the window claimed that the shop prided themselves on being ‘London’s, and quite possibly the world’s, only purveyor of quality goods for monsters of every kind’. My interest piqued, I took to Google and discovered that the shop is the headquarters for The Ministry of Stories, a volunteering organisation, set up by the author Nick Hornby, to help young people with all manner of writing, through free one-to-one mentoring and writing workshops. The shop is a clever way of raising funds but also of kick starting the imagination. I will definitely be popping back to buy a jar of Thickest Human Snot, which I suspect might be a rather delicious Lemon Curd, and to find out more about this great little shop and its big ideas.