How Should We Live? - MoMA

How Should We Live? – MoMA

Earlier this week I went to MoMA’s latest design show – How Should We Live? The exhibition beautifully explores the varied collaborations, materials, and processes that have shaped modernist domestic interiors. The show has re-created exhibition displays, and retail spaces from the 1920s to the 1950s, bringing together over 200 works, drawn from MoMA’s Architecture and Design collection, as well as a selection of drawings and prints, painting and sculpture, film, and photography. Rather than concentrating on a series of design classics, the show looks at the combination of design elements within each environment, and to the connection with external factors and attitudes—aesthetic, social, technological, and political—that these environments reflect. The show features original pieces, some of which are still in production today, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the modernist movement. The exhibition also showcases two recent MoMA acquisitions Eileen Gray furnishings for the house E-1027 (1929), and Charlotte Perriand’s study bedroom from the Maison du Brésil (1959). If you are in New York and love design, then this show is well worth seeing.

How Should We Live? Propositions for the Modern Interior at MoMA. Until 23 April 2017