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Blacksheep Hyundai Card Cooking Library


Blacksheep is a design studio specialising in food and beverage, delivering a complete guest experience through a multidisciplinary approach. It was established in 2002 and counts Hyundai Card, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Resorts, Loacker, The National Kuwait Cinema Company, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Jamie Oliver, Raymond Blanc, Wagamama, Five Guys and Mandarin Oriental Hotels as partners. Continue reading

nolii collection


nolii is a new lifestyle-focused tech accessories brand co-founded by Benjamin Hubert, Creative Director of strategic design agency, LAYER, and tech and design entrepreneur, Asad Hamir. Inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that defines London and today’s fast-paced, nomadic lifestyles, nolii’s mission is to deliver beautiful, highly functional products that solve everyday problems for people who depend on their tech to stay connected. Continue reading

Natur & Nicolai Bergmann by OEO Studio

OEO Studio

OEO Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio, established in Copenhagen in 2003,  which focuses on product design and interior architecture and brand innovation. The award-winning studio is headed by designer and creative director Thomas Lykke and CEO Anne-Marie Buemann. With a great sense of respect and empathy, OEO Studio seeks to touch and inspire people on an emotional level, to create engaging and meaningful design. Continue reading

Brdr. Kruger showroom

Brdr. Krüger

Founded in 1886 by two brothers, Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger, Brdr. Krüger started as a woodturning workshop and today a self-producing design company with a strong passion for wood. This commitment to quality and craftsmanship has been nurtured for five generations, ensuring the same high quality in every piece that leaves the family-owned workshop in Denmark. With a constant desire to develop furniture pieces that celebrate the classic Danish design values, Brdr. Krüger seeks to bring a new turn on tradition.
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Stellar Works

Stellar Works represents a renaissance of refined culture and Asian aesthetics. Inspired by long-standing craft and industry, their furniture communicates a commitment to bridging the gap between old and new, East and West – in attitude, form and application. Stellar Works seeks to reintroduce classics from the past alongside inspired contemporary signatures. The brand infuses freshness into heritage and grounds innovation in enduring craftsmanship.
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Clarendon Vitrine Robinson van Noort

Robinson van Noort

Co-founded in 2001 by husband and wife Alister Robinson and Carolyn van Noort, Robinson van Noort are designers of unique and characterful objects, furniture, interiors and buildings with a reputation for blending period interiors with contemporary and bespoke design solutions. Their work covers projects from residential new builds to luxury refurbishments of London houses, Continue reading

Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam by Michaelis Boyd

Michaelis Boyd

Established in 1995 by Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd, Michaelis Boyd is a design-led architectural practice with a uniquely creative approach that challenges and develops a client’s brief to create elegant, effective and rewarding solutions. Michaelis Boyd’s ultimate goal is to ensure that each scheme functions in the best possible manner, in terms of flow, light and space. Continue reading

EMC2 Hotel Chicago by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group

With a desire to create immersive environments, architect David Rockwell designs from the inside out, placing the user’s experience at the centre of each project. His 220-strong firm Rockwell Group employs a cross-disciplinary approach to its diverse array of projects that range from Continue reading