Burro e Salvia

This Sunday while browsing the shops along Redchurch Street, I went for lunch to Burro e Salvia, a pint sized ‘pastaficio’ (pasta shop) that has a few tables tucked away in the back. Bright and airy, the deli / cafe makes several varieties of fresh pastas daily at the counter and its fun to watch the process unfold while browsing for takeaway ravioli or sharing a starter of prosciutto and mozzarella and a bowl of pasta with brussels sprouts and pecorino. Open less than a year, Burro e Salvia has recently started opening for dinner once every few months and regularly hosts pasta making workshops. Its warm and authentic, and the perfect place to throw all those ‘no carb’ rules out the window.

Burro e Salvia, 52 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP