Bjork Digital

Björk Digital at Somerset House

Björk‘s relentless ambition to experiment with new ways of expression and to create something that’s never been done before will never cease to amaze me; she is forever pushing the boundaries of music, art and technology. Björk Digital, an immersive exhibition now showing at Somerset House, is the result of the musician’s collaboration with some of the world’s finest visual artists and programmers, where a series of virtual reality experiences allow you to inhabit Björk’s surreal vision and consciousness. Panoramic visuals of the Icelandic highlands accompanied by the most state-of-the-art bespoke surround-sound; bedazzling, dream-like fractal worlds with Björk as fairy, and an intimate one-to-one recital on a wild volcanic beach, where her powerful voice and humble presence got me misty-eyed; are some of the delightful virtual realities to be lived at the exhibit. And as if that weren’t entertaining enough, The Cinema Room evidences Björk’s mastery to combine sound and vision by playing all the videos from her solo career on a massive screen with remastered and impeccable sound. The exhibition is a journey into Björk’s beautiful soul and through her outstanding career, a wonderful opportunity to connect with the artist on a whole new level, and a chance to engage with the future of technology, art and the human species.

Björk Digital, Somerset House. Until 23rd October