Anton Alvarez Wrapper’s Delight at Gallery Libby Sellers

We were in town for a new business meeting this week at the Edition Hotel so we seized the opportunity to visit the lovely Libby Sellers in her beautiful Gallery to check out her latest show dedicated to new works by the Swedish-Chilean designer Anton Alvarez. The clever title references the early hip hop classic by the Sugar Hill Gang and the array of brightly coloured stools, side tables and lamps certainly exude a kinetic energy and bring to mind street art and graffiti. Alvarez has been perfecting his trademark technique creating objects by binding materials in thousands of metres of glue-coated thread using his Thread Wrapping Machine. It shows here, as he brings in new media, including paint, into the works, all to amazing effect.

Gallery Libby Sellers 41-42 Berners Street, London W1T 3NB Until April 17th