Picture of Agnes Martin exhibition at Tate Modern

Agnes Martin at Tate Modern

This week I made my way to Tate Modern to see a retrospective of one of my favourite artists, Agnes Martin. Subtle, understated and with a zen-like calm, her intricate grid painting have always appealed because they are humble and quiet. Using hand-drawn pencil lines and pale colour washes, for Martin painting was almost a form of meditation rooted in pure emotion. This is her first major show in London in over 30 years and its a treat to follow her career from its early days in 1950s and 60s New York when she was a central figure in the city’s then male dominated art scene using scraps and found materials, to her time living a simpler, more reclusive life in New Mexico. The vastness of the natural landscape there was clearly a huge inspiration and its amazing to get lost in her seemingly endless paintings. Martin is clever, because no reproduction, postcard or poster could ever do justice to her work. When seen on paper or a screen they almost disappear into nothing. You must spend time with them in person and enjoy inspecting every last detail.

Agnes Martin at Tate Modern. Until 11 October.